• Chrome Leather 4

    Chrome Leather 4"

    This is a 4 inch chrome leather glove for welding applications. Resistance to sparks and very durable.
    Size: 10
    Colour: Grey
  • Green Lined 8

    Green Lined 8"

    This is an 8 inch leather glove for welding applications. Heat resistant up to 230 degrees celcius and very durable.
    Size: 10
    Colour: Green
  • GTIG


    This mechanical executive pigskin leather glove andhas an inside elastic on the back. This soft nappa leather is very comfortable.
    Size: 10
    Colour: Yellow/Beige
  • Heat Resistant

    Heat Resistant

    This glove is made for heat resistant applications such as welding. It is durable with Kevlar stitching and fully lined. 20 cm elbow length.
    Size: 10
    Colour: Red
  • Leather Candy Stripe

    Leather Candy Stripe

    This is a mechanical glove made of cow split leather with canvas back and a cotton canvas safety cuff.
    Size: 10
    Colour: Grey/Candy stripe
  • Workguard 43 216

    Workguard 43 216

    Protection against high tempretures and increase in excellent performance. Seams are made in Kevlar and are reinforced by pieces of cowhide. Excellent durability and mechanical protection.
    Applications: Welding
    Sizes: 10
    Colour: Yellow



  • Black Chip palm

    Black Chip palm

    This mechanical PVC extra heavy duty glove has a black chip palm and a knit wrist cuff.
    Size: 10
    Colour: Black
  • Elbow Length

    Elbow Length

    This mechanical PVC heavy weight glove has a rough finish. It is elbow length.
    Size: 10
    Colour: Red
  • PVC 8

    PVC 8"

    This Mechanical medium weight smooth finish glove is 8 inches elbow length. It is a chemical resistant glove and can be used in bio-waste applications.
    Size: 10
    Colour: Red


    This Mechanical medium weight smooth finish glove and has a wrist knit cut. It is a chemical and acid resistant glove.
    Size: 10
    Colour: Red
  • Hycron 27 602

    Hycron 27 602

    Three times more durable than a heavy duty leather glove. Superior resistance to sharp and abrasive materials. Stronger and more flexible than PVC. Excellent barrier against oil. Made without silicone.
    Applications: Contruction materials.
    Size: 8-10
    Colour: Blue
  • PVC Freezer Glove

    PVC Freezer Glove

    PVC freezer glove with fur lining for hygiene and wet conditions.



  •  Powerflex 80 658

    Powerflex 80 658

    The natural latex rubber coating provides abrasion, tearing and puncture resistance. Provides excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions. It is silicone free.
    Applications: Handling of glass sheets or sharp edged objects.
    Sizes: 6-11
    Colours: Blue and Green


    High durability and dexterity. Super grip and thermal protection.
    Application: automotive, component and packing assembly. General handling.
    Sizes: 8-11
    Colour: Black and Lime
  • Powercoat


    The neoprene/latex blend makes the glove suitable for a wide range of chemicals. Double-dipped, it ensures a good level of chemical protection and superior mechanical protection.
  • Comarex


    This mechanical Comarex latex coated glove is elbow length and has a soft jersey lining. It has a rough finish for extra grip.
    Size: 10
    Colour: Yellow
  • Nitrile Glove

    Nitrile Glove

    This nitrile glove is designed to deliver optimal results in dry or wet environments. Fully reusable and comfortable. The cotton flock liner combines flexibilty of the nitrile film.
    Applications: Handling harsh chemicals.
    Sizes: 6-11
    Colour: Green
  • Powder Free Latex

    Powder Free Latex

    This blue disposable latex glove is perfect for increased visibility for food processing and is powder free.
    Sizes: S-XL