• Astrospec


    This innovative style and new technology ensures maximum wearer acceptance. Maximum wearer comfort for all faces due to flexible side arms. This secure and pressure free fit can be worn for extended periods Polycarbonated lens with integrated side protectors for optimum coverage of the eyes.

    Frame Colour: Black/Yellow or Black/Orange
    Lens: PC Amber or PC Grey or Clear
  • Pheos


    Modern, fashionable design of safety spectacle. They are rimless with a wide field of vision and a permanent anti-fog on the inside. Extremely scratch resistant on the outside and completely metal free. Can be used indoor/outdoor for changing light conditions.

    Frame Colour: Grey or Black/Yellow
    Lens: PC Silver Mirror or Amber or Clear
  • Pheos CX2

    Pheos CX2

    Comfortable protection due to directly injected forehead and nose pad. Optimal technology for a perfect and non-slip fit protection due to twist temple. Duo spherical lens provides a perfect field of vision.

    Frame Colour: White/Black or Blue/Black or Black/Yellow
    Lens: PC Grey or PC Clear or PC Amber
  • Overspecs


    The overspecs are designed to fit over most prescription glasses. Adjustable length temples for optimal comfort and fit.

    Frame: Black
    Colour: Clear
  • Securefit 201

    Securefit 201

    Good colour recognition and excellent UV protection. Self-adjust to comfortable fit a wide range of head shapes and sizes. Applications: Construction, engineering, general assembly.

    Frame: Transparent Grey
    Colour: Clear
  • Virtua


    This sleek lightweight unisex design provides a wrap around feature for protection. It offers excellent coverage and field of vision. This lens protects against the suns glare.

    Applications: Industrial manufacturing construction, general assembly.
    Frame: Clear or Grey
    Colour: Clear or Grey
  • Ecomax


    This safety spectacle has a polycarbonated lens with anti-fog on the inside. It has adjustable temple arms in/out for a secure, comfortable fit.

    Frame: Black
    Colour: Clear/Green/Smoke/Amber
  • Wrap Around

    Wrap Around

    This wrap around spectacle has a polycarbonated lens, with anti-fog on the inside. It can be worn over most prescription glasses.

    Frame: Clear
    Colour: Clear/Green


  • Ultravision


    Ergonomic wide-vision goggles with unrestricted peripheral vision. The ventilation ensures wearer comfort. Optional anti-fog lenses and the len can be replaced. Outstanding close and pressure free fit. Great in dusty applications. Reduced ventilation. 45m per second impact protection.

    Application: Chemicals
    Frame Colour: Transparent Grey
    Lens: PC Clear
  • Ultrasonic


    Wide vision goggles with exceptional wearer comfort, hard and soft components which adapt to the wearers face with an effective seal. Anti-fog on the inside of the lens, scratch resistant on the outside. High quality head straps offer pressure free fit.

    Frame: Grey/Orange
    Lens: PC Clear
  • Carbon Vision

    Carbon Vision

    Low profile, wrap around design with an innovative frame, strap and material the soft seal protects protects against dust, splashes and mechanical hazards. Easy and hygienic cleaning due to detachable frame and lens. Excellent anti-fog performance.

    Frame Colour: Black/Grey
    Lens: PC Grey or PC Clear
  • Goggles 2890

    Goggles 2890

    The safety goggles features a modern, slim design. It is available with four different options using either an acetate or polycarbonate lens with either sealed or indirect ventilation.

    Frame: Dark Grey
    Colour: Clear
  • Maxivision


    This safety goggle has a polycarbonated lens with anti-fog on the inside. Very comfortable and secure fit. Available with/ without foam.

    Frame: Blue
    Colour: Clear
  • DV004 Max

    DV004 Max

    Wide vision polycarbonate lens & vinyl frame with in-Direct ultimate vision, wide band elastic.
  • DV11


    Wide vision polycarbonate lens & vinyl frame with Direct Mesh vent.


  • Gauze


    This safety spectacle has a Mesh lens for high humidity areas.

    Applications: Sheep sheering and large debris
    Frame: Black
    Colour: Black mesh
  • GauzeMax


    This safety spectacle has a Mesh lens for high humidity areas. It has adjustable temples.

    Applications: Large debris
    Frame: Blue
    Colour: Black mesh
  • Welding


    It has a polycarbonated mono lens with a soft rubber face seal. It allows efficient indirect ventilation. The adjustable headband allows a secure and comfortable fit. It has a anti-scratch and anti-fog lens.
  • Wire Mesh

    Wire Mesh

    Wire Mesh lens come in a vinyl frame with clear side shields for visibility.