Disposable Protection

  • Non Woven Mop Cap

    Non Woven Mop Cap

    Disposable Mop Caps are essential to promote hygiene in the kitchen and is used to prevent contamination of food when handling it. Packs of 100.
    Colours: White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black.
  • Non Woven Beard Cover

    Non Woven Beard Cover

    Non-woven, disposable beard covers. Used in various industries for the prevention of cross-contamination. Packs of 100.
    Colours: White or Blue.
  • Non Woven Overshoes

    Non Woven Overshoes

    Waterproof protection for light duty. Double elastics ensures a secure fit. Packs of 100.
    Colours: White or Blue.
  • Plastic Sleeve Protectors

    Plastic Sleeve Protectors

    Made from Polyethylene material. Waterproof protection for light duty Elasticated trim on both ends ensures a secure fit. Packs of 100.
    Colours: White or Blue.
  • Deli Glove

    Deli Glove

    Used in the handling of food to prevent contamination of food. Packs of 100.
  • Blood and Fat Apron

    Blood and Fat Apron

    700 gram Heavy Duty PVC Apron with blood and fat resistance. Ideal for use in food preperation, butchery or abbatoir type environments. Neck and back strap.
    Colour: White.
  • Plastic Disposable Smock

    Plastic Disposable Smock

    Waterproof protection for light duty, Made from premium quality. Polyethylene and contains no latex. Box of 200.
    Colours: White.
  • Medium Weight PVC Apron

    Medium Weight PVC Apron

    250gram PVC Apron, medium thickness PVC apron designed for lighter use with a neck and back strap.
    Colours: Yellow.